Absa Bank Ghana champions strategic risk management at client seminar – Ghanaian Times


 The Interim Managing Director of Absa Bank Ghana, Adolf Kpegah, has emphasised the need for strategic partnerships between the public and private sectors to harness collective strengths during economic fluctua­tions.

 “It is imperative that we contin­ue to foster partnerships, encourage dialogue, and leverage the collective expertise of the private and public sectors,” he stated.

Mr Kpegah stated this at the recent Thought Leadership Seminar organised by Absa Bank’s Corporate Investment Banking (CIB) unit.

The event featured detailed discussions on the macroeconom­ic outlook and the application of derivative strategies to manage and mitigate economic risks.

It was attended by financial experts and CIB clients and was focused on navigating economic challenges through robust risk man­agement strategie

 Kpegah encouraged continued engagement and learning, under­scoring the bank’s commitment to leading change and fostering eco­nomic stability. “Let us continue to work together, moving forward with the knowledge that our collective efforts will lead to a brighter, more empowered future for all.”

Jeff Gable, Absa Group Head of Macro Research, provided an in-depth analysis of the global economic landscape, highlighting its impact on emerging markets, with a specific focus on Ghana.

He elaborated on various deriv­ative strategies that clients could em­ploy to safeguard their businesses.

“While the global economy poses significant challenges, strategic use of derivatives will play a crucial role in navigating market volatility. Our goal today is to equip our cli­ents with the knowledge to stabilise and grow their enterprises amidst these uncertainties,” said Mr Gable.

The seminar aimed to educate Absa’s clients on risk management products that are pivotal in manag­ing economic risks.

The programme was part of Absa Bank Ghana’s commitment to empowering its clients by providing innovative financial solutions and strategic insights to navigate and thrive in a fluctuating economic environment.



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