Advertising Association of Ghana takes on new shape – To be in sync with current trends

As part of the plan, the association has developed a new logo to give it a new visual identity and to also represent the changes that are going to happen within it.

“If the AAG is to progress and flourish in its quest as the purveyor of top-class advertising practice and ensure that all members feel a sense of belonging, a voice to behold and the desire to contribute and participate in all activities of the association, then this restructuring is inevitable,” the President, Andrew Ackah, said at the association’s 32nd annual general meeting (AGM) which took place in Accra.

32nd AGM

At the event, 13 news members were sworn in and presented with their certificates of membership.

Present at the event were the President and Executive Council of the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG), representatives of the Institute of Public Relations, Ghana and members of the AAG.

Regulatory framework

The AAG President noted that the business of advertising had changed considerably with the fast-evolving digital ecosystem, thus, sprouting new business models and demanding a different kind of thinking and relationship building.

Mr Ackah further expressed worry at the absence of a regulatory framework to standardise the practice of advertising within the industry.

The Advertising Bill which was designed to regulate the advertising industry has been gathering dust for the past 15 years.

Francis Dadzie (left), Executive Director, Advertising Association of Ghana, presenting a dummy cheque to Emmanuel Mihilov Mann (middle), winner of the AAG Logo Competition. With them are Andrew Ackah (2nd from right), President of the Advertising Association of Ghana; Clarence Amoatey (right), Vice President of AAG; and Sharon Mills (2nd from left), Council Member of AAG

This year, he said, the Executive Council met with the Minister of Information and the Minister of Trade and Industry to lay its petition for support of the bill to go through for Cabinet’s approval and be laid on the floor of parliament.

Mr Ackah held the strong belief that through the efforts, the bill would receive approval from cabinet before the current parliament finally rose in 2024 or soon after that.

“We remain optimistic and are working assiduously to ensure that the Advertising Bill is passed at the right time.

We will need all of you in the lobbying process when the time arrives,” he urged the members.

Outdoor advertising

The President further observed that the roads and spaces in Accra and other urban cities and towns in the country were cluttered with unauthorised billboards and other advertising structures.

He indicated that the association, through its Outdoor Caucus, set up a committee to conduct a thorough audit of all structures on selected streets in Adentan Municipal Assembly, La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly and the Krowor Municipal Assembly.

While preparing the final findings of the above project, he said, the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), the Urban Roads, as well as some Municipal Chief Executives (MCEs) also got interested in the project.

He said that resulted in the setting up of another committee to conduct a broader audit. Mr Ackah disclosed that the data and findings had been compiled in a comprehensive report which had been submitted to the MCEs of the assemblies selected for the exercise.

“We eagerly await their response and action plan for decluttering out of home structures on our roads.

“Additionally, the Executive Council also met with the Kumasi Municipal Assembly (KMA) on the same mandate to declutter billboards to minimise road safety threats,” he said.

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