ANTIMAFIA and SPAK operation in Italy: the Albanian business with the former goalkeeper of Naples, bought 31 restaurants in the center of Florence, this is how they cleaned 13.5 million euros


ANTIMAFIA and SPAK operation in Italy: the Albanian business with the former

In Florence, an Italian-Albanian criminal group that ran a wide network of restaurants in Italy was destroyed yesterday. Nine suspects, including former goalkeeper of Fiorentina and Napoli, Giuseppe Taglialatela now legal representative of Ischia Calcio, Alessandro Bigi, Florentine and Eluert Kamami, are being investigated by Italian justice in the framework of a joint operation with SPAK in Albania.

The Albanian does business with the former Napoli goalkeeper

It is also reported that the Albanian Eluert Kamami and the former goalkeeper of Fiorentina and Naples Alessandro Bigi are considered to be the brains of the organization, which has acquired dozens of assets in the city of Florence. The investigations are being led by the Anti-Mafia Directorate in Italy. According to the indictment, Kamami and Bigi created a criminal association in Florence by providing places for the collection of sums gradually diverted from the restaurants, causing the money to leave the businesses illegally: simply when the money was paid for the service, it was not expected tax bill. “La Nazione” informs that members of the judiciary from SPAK in Albania are also involved, as the suspicions are of criminal association and money laundering.

Here’s what the investigation reveals

Meanwhile, investigative sources from the financial police, coordinated by prosecutor Filippo Spiezia, deputy prosecutor Luca Tescaroli and prosecutor Christine Von Borries, have revealed the disturbing behind-the-scenes of a large number of restaurants in the hands of an Albanian group that used them to earn money for to be reinvested in the purchase of other premises. In total, the investigators of the District Antimafia Directorate believe that the group has managed to buy 31 restaurants from 2012 to date, most of them in the center of Florence, two hotels, car rental businesses and beer production, for about 13 million e half a euro. In particular, investigators have knocked on the door of Ischia Calcio and Il Cavallino restaurants in Piazza della Signoria – considered a kind of base where black money can flow, Trattoria Giovanni, La BisteƧa Osteria Fiorentina, Ponte Vecchio, BisteƧchia Santa Croce, Trattoria de Pitti, Osteria Lungarno and Orcagna, most of which belong to companies managed by Eluert Kamami or Bigi.

The ‘mind’ of the organization buys luxury goods

Thus, the group is thought to have circulated around one and a half million euros in cash. The money was then used, at least in part, to pay employees without declaring them and the rest to be reinvested in buying restaurant businesses in downtown Florence. But the leaders of the organization – Kamami and Bigi according to investigators – also bought luxury personal goods such as three Ferraris, jewelry, gold bars and diamonds. The money was also used to buy a 50 percent stake in Ischia Calcio between December 2023 and May 2024 at the official price of around 9,000 euros. However, the money that has been handed over is thousands more than that.


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