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The Essential Guide to Keeping Employees Safe at Work

Employees in all industries could potentially injure themselves at work. That’s why employers insurance liability cover is compulsory and have to be taken out. These policies do protect the employer against any potential legal claims, but it’s still better to prevent a claim in the first place. Here’s how to help protect employees in any […]

Optional extras for landlord insurance

As with all insurance schemes, with landlord insurance there are certain additions to your policy that you can choose as optional extras. Most of the additions can prove vital if you ever need use of them, so do not dismiss them outright due to additional cost. Rent guarantee is an option that guarantees rent to […]

Look after your company assets with business insurance

Business insurance is essential to protect yourself, your employees, building contents, equipment and the premises. Insurance can potentially save you thousands, if for example, the unfortunate event of a fire occurred it would cost you a fortune to repair the building and replace everything in your office, warehouse or shop. Your insurance covers the cost […]

Why is Professional Indemnity Insurance Your Salvation?

Professional indemnity insurance plays a vital role in protecting professionals from potential legal cases. Dentists, doctors, solicitors, and stockbrokers are all people who can benefit from this form of insurance. But what does this form of insurance do and how can the cheapest quote be obtained? What Does it Do? It’s compulsory in the UK […]

How to Open a Coffee Shop

Why would anyone want to open a coffee shop? Answer that with a counter question, why wouldn’t anyone want to open a coffee shop? The West is addicted to caffeine and Starbucks isn’t the only place that can produce coffee. Take advantage of this lust for caffeine by opening a shop. But opening a shop […]

Have You Insured Your Office?

Be a wise owl. Requiring office space is not just about renting a commercial room or two; you have to think about your requirements carefully. There is nothing more demoralising for staff than having to work in a small confined space, cramped together with hardly enough room to either feel comfortable or breathe freely. This […]

Cover for Going it Alone

It’s a bold decision to leave the office and go into business with oneself, but many people find it to be a rewarding decision. But it’s not just about making profits and carving out a legacy, to do this there needs to be some form of insurance to protect against anything that might happen. And […]

Increase in Demand for Public Liability Insurance

The pace of life has changed the way we are and what we have become. Life has become more demanding, in every sense of the word. Prosecuting for the slightest of offences has become quite the fashionable trend, and to protect themselves and their assets, more and more people are taking out public liability insurance. […]

Why Get UK Lorry Insurance?

Lorry insurance in the UK is important for anyone who drives a lorry because if something goes wrong then those individuals who are uninsured could see the end of their business and debts that could follow them around for many years to come. But what is lorry insurance and why is it necessary? What is […]

Getting the right Minibus Insurance

photo credit: didbygraham How to get insurance Maybe you use your minibus for your own pleasure touring the countryside, or else use it as a livelihood, but for all use, you need to have insurance for a minibus. As a minibus carries more passengers than a car, it is not adequate for it to have […]

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