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Purchasing problems facing major UK retailers

It’s fair to say that the past few years have been miserable for many retailers with Tesco reporting the biggest loss ever recorded on the high street – a whopping £6.4bn. The recession has made it tough for small and large companies alike, but as the UK crawls its way out of a dark hole […]

Apple to its core

Last week, Apple officially became the most profitable company in history. Over the last three months of 2014, the technology giant sold an incredible 34,000 iPhones per hour, 24 hours a day, helping to generate $75 billion in sales and making $18 billion (£12 billion) in profit. This represented profit growth of 37%, and this […]

Unexpected essentials for your catering businesses

If you are thinking of setting up a catering business or are already running one, there are many complicated regulations and laws that you must adhere to. The basics of running a restaurant, takeaway or food supply company are the same as any other business but you must carry out as much research about the […]

The importance of resilience as an entrepreneur

It’s a well known fact that what goes up, must come down. Although the aim in business is generally to keep on growing and expanding, sometimes things don’t go to plan; share prices fall, creditors run out of patience and assets end up being sold off. It’s really frustrating to watch what you’ve worked so […]

Exploring the relationship between entertainment and profit in the sports industry

One of the challenges of sports managers today is balancing the relationship between entertainment, profit, and the value of the sport itself. Drawing more people to the sport People are attracted to a sport for different reasons. While true enthusiasts may be attracted to it for the skills involved and the sport itself, others may […]

Shop Insurance Website Re-Launched Following Improvements

The tailor-made shop insurance website Shop Insurance Direct has had a number of improvements made to it resulting in it being much more informative and user friendly. As a result, customers are able to look for numerous shop insurance products and source some invaluable information. Initially, the former can all be done in a few […]

The Launch of a Bespoke Commercial Mortgage Comparison Website

The New Year has seen the new Commercial Mortgage Link website go live with its bespoke commercial mortgage comparison website designed to cater for those business owners/directors seeking a commercial mortgage here in the UK. There is an easy to complete online form that then enables numerous lenders to be searched for the most competitive […]

Balancing risk at work and at play

It is in the nature of work and workers that what we do in our professional lives informs what we do in our leisure time. Manual workers might tend towards physical pursuits – sports not least – while academics, in sharp contrast, might tend more towards intellectual recreations, reading, solving puzzles and so on. This […]

Office design advice for new business owners

If you glance at a few of the more recent start-up offices, you could be forgiven for thinking that modern office design is more about how many cool ping pong tables and flat-screen data displays you can cram in and less about business efficiency. Office design for new businesses depends partly on the nature of […]

Essential investment expertise for entrepreneurs

The ability to make good decisions about sensible investments is essential for any successful entrepreneur. People with this sort of nature are generally not averse to risks, provided these risks are carefully considered and the chances of a negative outcome mitigated. They also tend to be the sort of people with their finger on the […]

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