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A different approach to foreign exchange

If you run a business enterprise which involves any international monetary transactions, you’ll already be well aware of the extent to which this can cause problems. Overall, there are two basic approaches to this; to hedge currencies or not to hedge (or to partially hedge obviously). This is easier for very large organisations with long contracts […]

Clarifying Comprehensive Coverage

When the subject of auto insurance comes up, the first thing you might think of is the must-have, minimum-level coverage required to drive legally: liability insurance. This type of insurance helps cover expenses incurred by other parties, in the case that you cause an accident. The next type of coverage you might think of is […]

Essentials to include in your workplace first aid kit

No matter what job industry or specific field of work, every workplace needs to have a first aid kit. All employers or business owners are responsible for providing the appropriate medical components to ensure that all employees receive sufficient care if they are injured whilst at work. Of course, depending on what type of work […]

Deciding whether technology enabled translations are right for your business

Technology is continually transforming the way in which the business world operates. Most firms now rely heavily on IT systems of various kinds and sophisticated PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices are a common sight in offices across the UK and elsewhere around the world. Advances in technology have also facilitated much greater levels […]

How to set up the perfect office environment

Buying any old selection of desks and chairs will not a good working environment make. To create an office space that is conducive to quality work and high employee morale, a certain investment of money and time will need to be made to ensure that you end up with functional solutions arranged in the most […]

Developing relationships in business networks

The ability to develop relationships and thereby build a strong network is an essential skill for any business leader, yet it is also one of the most neglected. As human beings, we all possess the basic skills to communicate but many people struggle when it comes to applying these skills in a business environment. It […]

Five things to avoid when interviewing

    Interviews can be terrifying for candidates, but they’re not always a walk in the park for employers either. There’s a definite knack to getting this right – and it’s important that you hone yours if you’re to get the best possible personnel for your organisation. To help you along the way, we’ve identified […]

Unusual car insurance claims

    Working in the motor insurance industry, you’ll be no stranger to the weird and wonderful claims some drivers make. Here is a selection of some of the most eccentric examples handled by AA Insurance. Unsurprisingly, the names of the customers have been changed to avoid embarrassment. Two’s a crowd When it comes to […]

Open plan versus closed plan offices

    Open plan offices have been around for a long time. During the 19th century, architects began to use cast-iron girders to create larger spaces within buildings. This allowed shrewd bosses to replicate factory-style spaces for their office workers. Since this point, open plan has been the norm for many organisations.   There are […]

Enterprise resource planning – is your business up to speed?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has become the backbone of companies operating in many sectors of commerce. Traditionally only large companies could afford to implement such solutions because a major investment was required in terms of computer hardware, software and IT support. However, advances in technology at all levels have made ERP far more accessible for […]

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