Best Thriller Anime Series: Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul & More

In the vibrant world of anime, few genres grip audiences like thrillers. With their exciting story arcs, intense suspense, and unforgettable characters, thriller anime series have carved a niche. Hence, they draw in viewers with their unique storytelling and beautiful experiences. 

There’s all, from psychological mind games to end battles, from moral questions to the intricacies of time travel. These anime series offer a diverse range of interesting story arcs. Among the best thriller anime series, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Steins; Gate, and Monster emerge as peaks. Each one offers a unique and exciting journey into the depths of suspense.

Let’s embark on a search for these exciting series. Let’s delve into their intricacies and find what makes them quintessential choices for lovers seeking an adrenaline-pumping, mind-bending anime experience.

Death Note

Death Note stands among the top tier of thriller anime, drawing audiences. The story arc revolves around a high school student finding a magical book. Moreover, this book grants the power to kill anyone whose name is written in it. This cat-and-mouse pursuit between the protagonist, Light Yagami, and the fantastic detective known only as L keeps viewers on edge.

The series goes through moral dilemmas, blurring the lines between justice and malevolence. It adeptly adds suspense, psychological thrills, and strategic gameplay, making it a feat for the genre.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul delves into a dark and interesting story arcs set in an out of world Tokyo filled by ghouls, mysterious creatures that feed on human flesh. The protagonist, Ken Kaneki, sees a ghastly change into a half-ghoul after a fateful clash.

This anime explores Kaneki’s psychological turmoil as he grapples with his new identity and goes through the deadly world of ghouls and humans. The fantastic character development, intense action scenes, and the basic themes of identity and acceptance make Tokyo Ghoul a riveting thriller.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan captures audiences with its dystopian world besieged by gigantic humanoid creatures known as Titans. The series follows Eren Yeager and his comrades as they battle these monstrous beings while finding dark secrets about their origins and the truth behind the walls protecting humanity.

With its adrenaline-pumping action, amazing plot twists, and multifaceted characters, Attack on Titan keeps viewers at the edge of their seats throughout its interesting story arc.


Steins; Gate brings together elements of science fiction and suspense in a story arc based around time travel. The story follows Rintarou Okabe, a self-proclaimed mad scientist, and his friends, who accidentally create a device capable of changing past events.

The anime nicely weaves a web of cause and effect, finding the consequences of meddling with time. Its attention to detail, character based stories, and mind-bending plot make Steins;Gate part of the list.


Monster presents an amazing story arc going around a talented neurosurgeon, Dr. Kenzou Tenma. The character is entangled in a interesting pursuit to apprehend a dangerous serial killer he once saved.

The anime closely looks into moral grounds, the human psyche, and the pursuit of justice in a fantastic and suspenseful manner. Its carefully crafted plot, rich character development, and moral ambiguity make Monster a classic for thriller lovers.

Thriller anime series like Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Steins;Gate, and Monster have etched themselves. They have secured a mark into the realm of the best in the genre. Their amazing story arcs, complex characters, and suspenseful storytelling offer viewers an sound experience. This makes them quintessential choices for those seeking the adrenaline rush of a interesting thriller.

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