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The Essential Guide to Keeping Employees Safe at Work

Employees in all industries could potentially injure themselves at work. That’s why employers insurance liability cover is compulsory and have to be taken out. These policies do protect the employer against any potential legal claims, but it’s still better to prevent a claim in the first place. Here’s how to help protect employees in any […]

Public Liability Insurance: The Safeguard Against Uncertain Situations in Business

photo credit: mriggen Small business owners often have a very tall order stacked against them. They must figure out a way to keep customers happy and profits soaring. They have to deal with dozens of different people ranging from employees to their competitors. The job is not easy, but the rewards are what keep many […]

The Conditions of Employers’ Liability Insurance

photo credit: jurvetson When you take out Employers Liability Insurance for your business, which you must do so as required by law, you will have a number of conditions entered into your policy which will specify certain situations where the insurer will not pay out any compensation. These conditions will differ depending on your business […]

Employers Liability Insurance

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan An employers liability insurance policy is a policy that protects employers from liabilities arising from disease, fatality, or injury to employees resulting from workplace conditions or practices. Some jurisdictions make it mandatory for employers to buy such an insurance policy for the reasons above. The major things it covers include […]

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