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Optional extras for landlord insurance

As with all insurance schemes, with landlord insurance there are certain additions to your policy that you can choose as optional extras. Most of the additions can prove vital if you ever need use of them, so do not dismiss them outright due to additional cost. Rent guarantee is an option that guarantees rent to […]

Look after your company assets with business insurance

Business insurance is essential to protect yourself, your employees, building contents, equipment and the premises. Insurance can potentially save you thousands, if for example, the unfortunate event of a fire occurred it would cost you a fortune to repair the building and replace everything in your office, warehouse or shop. Your insurance covers the cost […]

Why is Professional Indemnity Insurance Your Salvation?

Professional indemnity insurance plays a vital role in protecting professionals from potential legal cases. Dentists, doctors, solicitors, and stockbrokers are all people who can benefit from this form of insurance. But what does this form of insurance do and how can the cheapest quote be obtained? What Does it Do? It’s compulsory in the UK […]

The importance of landlords liability insurance

photo credit: Meredith BellOne of the biggest worries for landlords is what will happen in the case of an accident occurring in a property that they rent out, or more specifically how much it could cost them if a tenant submits a claim for negligence against them. If somebody does have an accident as a […]

Making the Most of Daily Van Insurance

photo credit: didbygrahamSome people don’t drive a van often, but even if you only intend on driving a van for a one off trip you still need to be properly insured to comply with the law. Taking out conventional van insurance would be a complete waste of time. This is why daily van insurance is […]

Landlords Need household Insurance

photo credit: jamarmstrongFor many people who rent out their properties these days, going without landlords household insurance is a very serious risk indeed. Houses and apartments are very valuable pieces of property so leaving it in the hands of strangers without any kind of cover is dicing with danger for sure. There are many things […]

Compare Fleet Insurance to find the right one for you

photo credit: dno1967b Fleet insurance isn’t a simple click and save procedure like when you compare car insurance for your personal use. You can’t just find a list of quotes and pick the cheapest. You need to stay on top of legal obligations, health and safety and environmental policy concerns as well as finding the […]

Why minibus insurance is essential

photo credit: didbygraham From youth clubs to church groups and pensioners’ outings, minibuses are an essential part of life, as well as the lifeblood of small transport firms. As a minibus is a passenger-carrying vehicle, owners should make sure they have the correct minibus insurance cover. A minibus is defined as a motor vehicle constructed […]

Factory and Warehouse Insurance

photo credit: Gwan Kho Factories are at the base of all of our heritages. From the birth of the car to mass production of androids, toys to wood products, we all have roots in the factory system, and in today’s workforce, none of it would be made possible without a proper factory and warehouse insurance […]

Salon Insurance

photo credit: Jean Pichot You wake up late in the night to a phone call from the authorities telling you that your beauty salon was broken into and all of your equipment was either stolen or damage severely. That’s a shame, because you were not fortunate enough to remember to get salon insurance, a form […]

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