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Tradesman Insurance Quotes

photo credit: mikecogh If you are a construction professional, building can be a hazardous business. Unstable ladders can fall with workers on them. If you drill in the wrong place it can cause flooding. Bricks, mortar, roofing equipment and tiles can fall on people passing by. Faulty wiring can cause fires..or, perhaps you are a […]

Small Business Insurance

photo credit: USDAgov The word ‘small business insurance’ covers a wide scope of products that are needed by various small businesses. The type and amount of small business insurance you get is based on your personal situation, just like with your car or home. With that said, every small business requires insurance to cover against […]

Public House Insurance

photo credit: BodsSo, you decide to take the wife out to a retreat to an exotic bed and breakfast for a weekend of relaxation. You are asleep when suddenly a fire erupts and you are evacuated, thankfully safely. But all of your belongings were engulfed in flames. Don’t worry though; it was covered because the […]

Restaurant Insurance

photo credit: Maxime Guilbot We all love to eat out at our favorite restaurants on a daily basis. Cooks make a living preparing fast paced and specialized food orders. What if a huge storm knocked out the restaurant and injured you while you were eating? What if an out of control fire injured your cooks […]

Office Insurance Quotes

photo credit: christian.zavisca Having a doctor’s office, human resource office, or any kind of office doesn’t seem like a haven for mishaps. However, no structure or person is illicit from harm, so it is a good idea to think about office insurance, a specialized policy that covers the needs of your everyday office and the […]

Shop Insurance Quotes

photo credit: garryknight Any number of catastrophic events can threaten your day-to-day shop operations, such as weather, damage, fire, and injury – Having shop insurance provides a complete, affordable solution to help pay for repairs or settle damages that might otherwise seriously threaten your shop business. Also, if damage to your utilities, such as electric, […]

Employers Liability Insurance

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan An employers liability insurance policy is a policy that protects employers from liabilities arising from disease, fatality, or injury to employees resulting from workplace conditions or practices. Some jurisdictions make it mandatory for employers to buy such an insurance policy for the reasons above. The major things it covers include […]

Public Liability Insurance

photo credit: Clara S. Simply put, public liability insurance is a small business or large corporation insurance policy which offers companies coverage against injury or damages claims. Unfortunately, these claims can arise if your customers or members of the public come to your place of business to conduct business with you. If they should suffer […]

Injured at Work? What You Need to Know

photo credit: akeg   When you’re hurt at work, your first instinct may be to call your doctor. Don’t make that call yet. As soon as you’re injured or notice pain that may be caused by your job, tell your supervisor. According to state regulations, companies that hire a certain number of people must carry […]

Insurance For Landlords Guide

photo credit: sludgegulper The type of cover that an insurance for landlords policy covers and the contents of quotes should contain most of the following; Tenant damage both malicious and accidental, theft by tenant or third party, landlords contents insurance to cover decoration, white goods, carpets, doors and electronics etc. and loss of rental income. […]

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