Cover for Going it Alone

It’s a bold decision to leave the office and go into business with oneself, but many people find it to be a rewarding decision. But it’s not just about making profits and carving out a legacy, to do this there needs to be some form of insurance to protect against anything that might happen. And it’s not just formal insurance, like self employed public liability insurance, it’s insurance of the free kind.


If something goes wrong then it can easily land the owner of that business in hot water. If they don’t have a means in which they can continue their business or pay back their debts then this can lead to serious problems in the future. Furthermore, what many self-employed people forget when they first start out is that they are probably not going to be earning a living wage, and that’s why they need savings to continue living.


Self employed public liability insurance is the main type of insurance when it comes to a business that trades with the general public. If recent history has taught us anything then it’s that the general public won’t hesitate to sue a business for thousands if they are hurt through something as trivial as tripping over a misplaced rug.

For businesses in certain industries, professional indemnity insurance may also be required. However, one should get in touch with their insurance broker to see whether it’s worth taking out this sort of insurance or not.

Life and Death

It’s possible to feel great and then fall seriously ill the next day. This is why health is a serious consideration when it comes to going self-employed as additional health benefits probably won’t be available anymore. The questions which have to be asked include: “Do I want to be waiting on an NHS waiting list or do I want to be seen now?” and “What happens if I die?”

This is why life insurance is a good investment if one has a family that has to be taken care of. Furthermore, private healthcare is a great investment if individuals don’t want to have to deal with long waiting times in an NHS hospital.

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