Deciding whether technology enabled translations are right for your business

Technology is continually transforming the way in which the business world operates. Most firms now rely heavily on IT systems of various kinds and sophisticated PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices are a common sight in offices across the UK and elsewhere around the world.

Advances in technology have also facilitated much greater levels of trade between countries. After all, it’s now easier for companies to market and sell their goods abroad than it was before the proliferation of internet use.

However, to enjoy long-term success in overseas markets, organisations have to make sure they get their use of technology spot on. For example, one question that many bosses ask themselves is whether or not to use technology enabled translation services. Along with a range of other solutions, integrated translation services are now available from firms such as thebigword.

What are integrated translations?

These solutions bring together clients, project managers and linguists to deliver effective and timely language services. By enabling a degree of automation, they can cut lead times and make the translation process slicker and more efficient.

When to use them

Because they reduce the need for manual intervention, these services can prove extremely useful in a range of scenarios. For example, they are ideal when organisations need to translate large volumes of content quickly and cheaply.

In addition, as long as firms choose the right provider, they can also come in handy in cases with a greater level of complexity. Finely tuned and well managed integrated translation services can be suitable even if there is a lot of industry-specific terminology involved, risk management is a concern or linguistic quality requirements are high.

A balanced approach

Given the fast pace of modern enterprise and the cost pressures facing many organisations, it is no surprise that lots of firms are turning to technology enabled translations. The best of these balance speed and efficiency with nuanced capabilities.

For example, thebigword is adept at translating marketing material for target audiences. This requires a high level of cultural awareness and persuasive skill, meaning the input of a professional human translator with all the necessary judgement and flare is vital.

Advice from a company you can trust

It’s easy to feel a little lost when it comes to translations. After all, there are so many different solutions on offer. The important thing is not to panic. As long as you get in touch with a reliable service provider and explain your exact requirements, you can ensure you will soon be fully in the know when it comes to your options and you should be able to make choices with total confidence.

By taking advantage of integrated translation systems that make the best possible use of the latest technology, industry best practise and the skill and experience of professional human translators, you will be able to enjoy the best of all worlds.

Ultimately, this could help you to achieve a competitive advantage over your rivals and enjoy greater success in your area of industry.





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