Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat Premium is nearly matching its all-time low


The temperatures are about to soar now that summer is almost upon us — and so are our cooling bills. If you want to keep comfy while saving money on your energy bills, it’s worth investing in Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat Premium now that it’s down to its best price of the year. Normally $249.99, right now you can buy it at Amazon, Best Buy, and directly from Ecobee for $219.99, which is $10 shy of its all-time low.

Ecobee’s smart thermostat is our favorite on the market, one that goes beyond your typical heating and cooling needs. It can adjust your HVAC system based on where you are in your home (if you’re home at all), and even keep your pets safe as you travel thanks to its support for various temperature alerts and reminders — a feature that saved my colleague’s rabbit as recently as last year. Ecobee’s premium thermostat also integrates well with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, SmartThings, and IFTTT, so you don’t have to lock yourself into a specific ecosystem.

What’s even more impressive, though, is how versatile it is. Yes, it’s a smart thermostat, but Ecobee’s step-up model can also function as a decent smart speaker, an indoor air quality monitor, and even a hub for Ecobee’s smart security system. It doesn’t do a bad job, either. It can respond to both Alexa and Siri commands, and though it’s pretty basic as far as air quality monitors go, it can still calculate how clean your air is based on carbon dioxide levels, relative humidity, and VOCs. How many smart thermostats can do that?


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