Finance leaders benefit from 2-day training on data analytics


Empowering Decision Makers: A Comprehensive Journey through Data Analytics’, a two-day workshop co-organized by Yadaba Communications and Dataware Tech, successfully concluded in Accra.

Held on May 7 and 8, 2024, at the Airport View Hotel, the workshop brought together senior executives from leading financial institutions. The primary goal was to enhance their skills in data analytics and decision-making, addressing the pressing need for financial leaders to utilize data-driven insights for strategic planning amidst the sector’s rapid digital transformation.

Participants gained crucial tools and knowledge to effectively harness data, ensuring their organizations remain competitive and adaptable in a dynamic market. Each participant also went home with a certificate of participation.

Jeremiah Ishaya, the Lead Facilitator, highlighted the vital role of data analytics in today’s financial landscape, particularly given the heightened need for precise data analysis due to digitalization.

“Harnessing data for actionable insights is essential for financial institutions. Data analytics, which involves extracting valuable information from large datasets, is indispensable. This training empowers participants to leverage data to the greatest advantage of their institutions,” said Mr. Ishaya. He also noted the challenges posed by Ghana’s data infrastructure, calling for robust mechanisms to implement data-driven policies effectively and emphasizing the importance of high-quality data.

Nana Kojo Hagan, a Business Intelligence Specialist at Dataware Tech, stressed the importance of data science for operational efficiency. “This training aimed to transform leaders into data innovators rather than mere consumers. The active engagement and insightful discussions from participants indicate significant progress towards this goal,” Mr. Hagan explained.

The workshop, led by experts, covered a broad range of topics, including data analytics fundamentals, advanced predictive modeling techniques, cutting-edge machine learning applications for finance, and hands-on data exploration and preparation.

Interactive sessions allowed participants to apply their new skills to real-world scenarios, focusing on data-driven improvements in risk management, customer engagement, and operational efficiency. Engaging question-and-answer segments fostered active participation and knowledge sharing.

The workshop concluded with participants committing to fostering a data-centric culture within their organizations. They left equipped with advanced analytical skills and leadership capabilities to guide their teams towards a data-driven business approach. “The workshop encouraged attendees to champion a cultural shift within their organizations,” concluded the facilitators.

Dataware Tech is an award-winning technology firm that supports organizations gain insights from data to increase revenue. By leveraging data, analytics & artificial intelligence, Dataware Tech can assist organizations identify opportunities for more revenue as well as cutting costs.

Dataware Tech provides services to companies across various sectors in Ghana and other African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa. Some of their notable clients are United Nations, UMB, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, National AfCFTA Coordinating Office, and Tropical Cables. Dataware is a Microsoft authorized partner with competency for Data & AI.

Yadaba Communications is a boutique communications firm specializing in tech-enabled solutions. Driven by a commitment to excellence and a strategic understanding of the tech landscape, Yadaba Communications offers a range of services, including public relations, content marketing, digital marketing, and event management. The firm’s team of experienced professionals is adept at crafting and executing targeted communication campaigns that drive brand awareness, engagement, and results.


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