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In this episode of the Marketing Smarts Live Show, business adviser and author Bob Wiesner explains how you can create stronger B2B case studies.

Bob shares why case studies are important, what we marketers have historically done wrong with our case studies, how to do them right—and so much more.

Bob is a partner at the Artemis Partnership and the author of the recently published Winning Is Better: The Journey to New Business Success.

“To succeed in B2B, or anywhere in marketing, you have to prove your trustworthiness to your prospect,” says Bob Wiesner. That fundamental insight goes to the heart of what makes for a successful case study.

“Case studies go right to the heart of your credibility. If the reader of a case study can project themselves into the case, if they can say, ‘I can see how that might have been me,’ or, ‘I can see how that is me,’ then you have credibility as a potential resource for that prospect,” Bob explains.

Bob breaks down the four steps you should follow when creating your case studies—”case stories” filled with narrative, data, and villains.

Watch the video for great insights and tips:

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