GTA 6: Countdown begins as Take Two firms up release date


He added the continued success of GTA 5 had eased pressure on Rockstar to rush out a less polished successor.

Even though it has been more than 10 years since Rockstar released GTA 5, the game continues to be a key source of revenue for Take-Two.

In its call with investors on Thursday, it disclosed it had sold 200 million units worldwide to date, with its audience size growing by 35% last year.

That means it is still the second best selling video title of all time, behind Minecraft.

But even though Take-Two may feel able to take its time, Mr Harding-Rolls suggested the release window for GTA 6 “will come as a bit of a blow to the console platform companies and games retailers looking to boost their sales” who may have been hoping it would arrive earlier in 2025.

Earlier this month, Nintendo said it would make an announcement about a successor to its Switch console before March 2025.


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