Harvard Business School spotlights Pakistan as spring term case study


Pakistan infamous Nazuk Mor is now a case study for Harvard Business School.

Politicians and analyst in Pakistan have used the phrase ‘Nazuk Mor’ to refer to the critical economic and political situation of the country a million times.

Now a case study named ‘Pakistan at 75: When Will the “Nazuk Mor” End?’ is to be used by Harvard Business School Professor Alberto Cavallo in spring 2024 at the university.

The decision of the business school has gained popularity in WhatsApp groups.

This case analysis refers to ‘Nazuk Mor,’ indicating a phrase used during political branding.

This conveys Pakistan’s challenges, including political instability, intervention in government affairs, corruption, and irregular economic cycles.

This reference mainly marks the history from the birth of Pakistan until 2023 due to the unending challenges the country has faced, such as IMF loans, losing state-owned entities, and continuously increasing inflation. 

As per Business Recorder, their request to reproduce or republish portions of the case study from Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) was denied by the HBP Special Permissions Team.

The case study was made by Harvard Business School Professor, Meg Rithmire; along with an MBA student from the Class of 2023, Salaar A. Shaikh and a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, Hong Zhang.

The MBA program offered by the school achieved the 11th position in the 2024 FT Rankings. 

Case studies serve as a prevalent instructional approach in business schools, where professors utilize real-life examples to engage students in discussions on resolving challenges that organizations encounter.


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