Hiring beyond borders: How HR platform can help Singapore businesses find, manage and pay workers


Many businesses in Singapore are interested in exploring international hiring, but many aren’t sure how to do it effectively, says Remote, a HR tech company that offers solutions to help companies hire, manage, and pay distributed teams. 

“As the scale of remote work increases, a local company could even now be trying to recruit a talented individual who is also considering a role with a multinational corporation based in Silicon Valley,” says Mr van der Voort. 

Mr van der Voort shares his thoughts on how HR platforms like Remote can help companies find the right talent in a globalised economy.

Q: What are the key challenges companies face when trying to build and manage a remote team?

One of the biggest challenges that companies face is that a remote team may be spread across various jurisdictions, each with its own specific legal and tax requirements. Hiring and paying employees in other countries pose several challenges, including understanding diverse legal regulations, managing tax requirements and handling payroll and benefits administration. 

Companies must ensure they comply with local employment laws and tax regulations, which can vary significantly from one country to another. Additionally, they need to offer competitive compensation packages and benefits to attract and retain talent.

Handling these tasks separately can be expensive and difficult for any company. As a result, many businesses opt to only hire locally, which limits the talent pool they can tap into.

Remote can help companies to manage and pay their entire team, regardless of where the team members are located. We handle the onboarding process, ensure payments are made in the local currency, offer local benefits, and support employees from hiring to departure. Our expertise and technology ensure compliance with all relevant taxes and regulations. If companies use contractors, they can also pay and manage them through Remote.

Q: How can companies motivate and retain remote workers? 

Companies seeking to expand their team by hiring talent from other countries need to make it a top priority to give employees a good experience. This means building trust and making sure remote team members are treated equally to on-site employees. 

Some remote workers, especially those new to working remotely, might worry about their job security because they don’t see their coworkers in person. Being open and transparent is key here: You need to talk to each employee often and clearly to be sure they feel like an equal part of the team and they understand how they can move up in the company. 


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