House Speaker pledges support to Cypriot shipping industry


House Speaker Annita Demetriou this week held a meeting with a delegation from the Cyprus Shipowners’ Association (CSA), where they discussed problems and challenges facing the Cypriot shipping industry.

Demetriou expressed her commitment, and that of the House, to assist in every way possible in the support of the CSA.

Furthermore, according to a statement from the House, the meeting was attended by the president of the CSA, Andreas Hadjiyiannis, along with one of its Vice presidents, Polys Hadjioannou, and the director general, Michael Filippou.

It is worth noting that the discussions at the meeting centred on several key issues, the problems and challenges of Cypriot shipping, the policies of the European Union regarding pollutants, the future of shipping, the necessity to bolster the Cypriot register, and general issues affecting the local and broader economy.

Additionally, the meeting explored the prospects created for Cypriot shipping, and indeed the Cypriot economy as a whole, by the potential resolution of the Cyprus problem for the benefit of both communities.

Moreover, Demetriou emphasised the significant importance that the country places on the further development of the Cypriot shipping sector.

Finally, she reiterated her readiness, and that of the House, to provide comprehensive backing for the activities of the CSA.


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