How tech can help you get started with an investment portfolio

Getting involved in the world of investment is easier today than it has ever been. In large part that’s thanks to advances in technology that have given everyone with a computer or smartphone real-time access to the markets and good tools for managing money. If you’re thinking of getting into investment for the first time so that you can build up a bit of money for the future, familiarity with your technological options can make it a lot easier.

Your investment portfolio

The first thing you will need to get the hang of in investment is to stop focusing purely on individual trades and start focusing on your portfolios. Smart investors aim to set up balanced portfolios in which higher risk investments (usually the most lucrative ones if they work out) are balanced by lower risk ones that might produce lower yields or simply take a long time to mature. Software packages such as Personal Capital and Quicken can help you manage your portfolio as it grows. It’s well worth using something similar, as many experienced investors make errors simply due to losing track of things.

Investing in shares

The first thing most people think of when they approach investment is putting money into shares. As long as you do your research first – much easier now that you can pull up a lot of company and personnel histories online – this can be an effective way to proceed. You can buy and sell shares individually through online stock exchanges or you can buy them in packages, often themed around a particular business sector or investor preference (such as eco-friendliness). Generally speaking, shares in young companies are higher risk but offer more potential for high returns.

Binary options trading

This type of trading is simple to understand because it basically comes down to a yes or no decision – all you have to do is decide if a given asset will be above or below a stated value at a stated time. Research is vital to success in this area and the Internet makes this much easier. There are also sites directly focused on helping you develop your binary option strategy. You can even practice in ‘demo mode’ before you try making trades using real money.

Building in diversity

As a rule, the more diverse your portfolio is, the more resilient it will be. This means, for instance, that if you have invested in several sectors then a slump in one of them won’t hit you as hard as if that were your only area of focus. While it can be tempting to deal only with areas where you have some personal expertise, you can use Internet forums to learn about unfamiliar sectors and thereby broaden your options. You can also follow currency fluctuations and connect with international stock markets online, giving you the option of spreading your assets across several national economies.

Thanks to the information and practical tools the Internet offers, it has never been easier to get into investment. The important thing is to manage that portfolio well and make sure you can keep it going.