How to Reduce Accidents in the Workplace

Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to reducing accidents in the workplace. Although there are many ways to prevent accidents at your place of business, consistency in precaution is key. Everybody has a right to work in a safe environment and you must make sure that your employer has taken steps to ensure this.

All accidents should be reported to your employer at work as soon as possible. If you’ve signed a contract to work for your employer, it is their law-bound duty to provide a danger-free work environment for you and your colleagues.

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 Do your part as an employee

If your workplace lacks some kind of rulebook regarding hazards and safety, you should request one from management. Insist that there are rulebooks distributed to all employees, with instructions on how to operate dangerous machinery or handle toxic chemicals, for instance.

Additionally, if your company doesn’t have a designated safety co-ordinator, request that your employers select someone who they can trust with such a responsibility.

Make sure everyone follows the rules

After a safety co-ordinator has been designated, make sure that your colleagues and superiors are following the safety policies at work. Ensure that the safety co-ordinator regularly checks areas of concern and that all precautions have been met.

Make sure that you report any lapses in safety precautions and discuss causes for concern with the individuals responsible. You can also arrange a meeting with other staff members if there is a chance that the hazard may repeat itself.

Monitor and document all accidents

All accidents should be documented thoroughly, with plenty of evidence collected after each incident. If possible, there should be witness statements too. An accurate recording of how your employer has failed to make your working environment risk-free is necessary if legal action is going to be pursued.

Collecting the evidence is absolutely essential. You can take photos with your mobile phone as well as video clips. Without evidence, you won’t be able to provide proof to the victim’s insurance company that your employer hasn’t been adhering to work safety standards.