How to tackle the mammoth task of office renovation

If you have reached the decision to renovate your work office then you will need to know about a few of the essential aspects and tasks that must be completed so that the renovation runs as smoothly as possible. Renovating or redecorating an office will surely impress your clients, customers and employees. It will help to ensure that you make the right first impression whilst providing you with a clean and tidy office to work from.

Make a Plan

Before you begin to take on this massive task the first step is to sit down and make a steady plan of the renovation process. You will need a clear idea of how you want the process to go and what you would like the final result to be. Planning ahead will save you both time and money. Another important factor to consider beforehand is not only what work will need to be done, but who is going to do it. Think about who you want to hire, such as plumbers, electricians and flooring contractors etc.

Move things to Storage

To free office space and avoid any office items getting lost or damaged during the renovation process it may be worth considering moving certain things into storage, which could provide either short or long term solutions depending on your individual needs. The workers can’t do their job to the best of their ability when there are desks, chairs and various file cabinets in their way. Make their job easier and less time consuming by freeing up space before they arrive.

Think about Impressions

What impression do you want your business to give potential clients and customers? You must think about this whilst renovating your office. A renovation can make a huge impact on a company and offices such as Google and Pixar are taking a more creative approach to their presentation. Choosing the right colour for the walls is an important choice. For example, employees are likely to feel more productive if the surrounding walls are a calming colour instead of something drastic such as bright red. Good lighting and a touch of personalization to the office will show that your company is filled with real people, which will attract more customers.

Rethink the Floor Plan

It is essential to rethink the floor plan and to think about whether or not the layout allows ‘easy interaction between staff members’. They advise that ‘desks should face inwards instead of away from one another’, in an open plan office and that your company has separate areas for meetings and private conversations.

Let the Neighbours Know

To avoid any noise complaints, don’t forget to make your neighbours and other residents in the building know about your upcoming renovation plans. Give them the time schedule, apologize for any inconvenience and keep your fingers crossed that they don’t make the process any more difficult than it has to be.

Save the Best Features

Some aspects of the office may not need any changes at all. You don’t want to eliminate the best features of your office only to replace them with a less impressive version. According to the Building Design and Construction Network it is essential to ‘determine what features can and should be saved,’ and then ‘prioritize the systems and features that need to be updated.’



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