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You need a sound business plan to apply for the Innovator Visa if you want to establish a new UK firm. How to write a solid Innovator Visa business plan.

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What is Innovator Visa?

In 2019, the UK business Innovator Visa superseded the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. The UK Innovator Founder Visa is for UK company startups. You need £50,000 to invest in your firm to get a start-up visa.

Another Innovator Visa criterion is that an authorized endorsing body must recommend your unique business concept. You must provide an original business proposal.

The Innovator Visa lets you dwell in the UK for three years if accepted. The innovator visa may be renewed and you may be eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK after 3 years.

What are the business concept criteria?

To be authorized by an approved authority, your Innovator Visa application needs a sound business plan. Your application will be denied without an acknowledged business plan.

Your company proposal must fulfill three endorsement criteria:

  • Innovative – Your company concept is unique and addresses market demands or gives you an edge.
  • Viable – Your company strategy must be feasible based on your market understanding, talents, business expertise, and experience.
  • Scalable – Structured planning, employment creation, and development into national and international markets are evident.

A certified endorsing organization must evaluate your business idea to ensure it fits the aforementioned requirements. If so, they’ll submit the Home Office an endorsement letter. Endorsing bodies must be Home Office-approved and have supported UK enterprises. The website lists all authorized endorsing bodies.

Structure an Innovator Visa business plan

Structure your strategy clearly and coherently to increase its chances of approval. There is no fixed style, but your strategy should clearly demonstrate that you satisfy visa requirements.

Things to put in your business plan:

  1. An executive summary introduces you and your idea.
  2. Business concept description
  3. Organization and law
  4. A product or service description and market study.
  5. Marketing and promotion plans
  6. Examine competitors for chances to capitalize on. Finances and budget
  7. Manage risk

These factors will make your company plan stronger and more likely to attract investors and endorsement. Along with the foregoing items, you should clearly explain how you fit Investor Visa conditions, as explained below.

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Your business plan should show that your concept is innovative and not just competing with another firm.

Your strategy should describe what makes your company concept novel, what market need it will cover, and what makes it distinct from previous firms to illustrate that your business is original.


You must demonstrate your ability to execute your business strategy before a corporation will approve it. You must show that you have the abilities, expertise, experience, and market understanding executing your business strategy.


In addition to being creative and profitable, your business plan must demonstrate the potential for development and employment creation in national and worldwide markets.

A firm can only be deemed scalable if it has operational leverage, not merely growth potential. You must show that your company concept can increase income with just minor running expenses.


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