IIM Indore’s Emerging CHROs Programme: Shaping HR leaders to deliver strategic business value


For decades, the HR domain has often been perceived as a cost centre, primarily focused on administrative tasks and transactional processes. While talent acquisition and employee relations remain crucial, the evolving business landscape demands more. Rapid technological advancements, a highly competitive talent market and the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making necessitate a shift in the role of HR.

The responsibility to transform the HR function from a support system to a strategic partner falls squarely on the shoulders of Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs). They are tasked with delivering tangible business value beyond traditional HR activities. 

Here, the role of CHROs isn’t just an important one but a critical one, more like strategic architects of their organisations. Hence, HR professionals who integrate people, data and technology into their HR strategies are in demand, especially those with credible certifications, such as those from the Indian Institute of Management Indore. 

Recently, IIM Indore, in association with VCNow, started its Post Graduate Certificate Programme for Emerging Chief Human Resource Officers to equip senior HR professionals to play a more strategic role and add greater business value as part of a company’s senior leadership team. 

Let’s explore the key skills participants will develop in this 12-month live-online programme.

Aligning HR with Business Goals

The programme focuses on establishing business-HR alignment, a critical skill for CHROs seeking to become strategic partners within their organisations. Modules like ‘Strategic HR Business Partnering’ equip participants to understand the organisation’s overall business strategy and translate it into actionable HR initiatives. Additionally, subjects like ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ and ‘International Strategy’ prepare participants to manage the human capital during complex business scenarios and ensure HR strategies align with expansion plans and global operations. 

The aim is to develop skills among participants to collaborate effectively with business leaders, communicate the value proposition of HR initiatives and demonstrate the impact of HR on achieving organisational goals. 

Prioritising People-Centric Strategies

With people at the heart of successful HR practices, the Emerging CHROs Programme empowers participants to become the driving force behind building a thriving workforce.

Modules like ‘Strategic Workforce Planning & Talent Management’ delve into identifying and attracting top talent, analysing workforce trends and forecasting future HR needs. Participants gain expertise in developing robust succession plans for key leadership positions through modules like ‘Leading Culture and Managing Change.’ 

This combined focus on attracting, retaining and developing talent ensures CHROs can build a high-performing and future-proof workforce, a crucial element for any organisation’s long-term success.

Transforming HR with Analytics 

In today’s data-rich environment, effective HR decision-making hinges on leveraging HR analytics. The Emerging CHROs Programme equips participants with the skills to harness data’s power through modules like ‘HR Analytics and Data-Driven Insights.’ 

Participants learn to collect, analyse and interpret data to measure HR effectiveness, identify talent trends and inform strategic HR decisions. This data-driven approach allows participants to move beyond intuition and assumptions, demonstrating the measurable impact of HR initiatives on the bottom line.

Equipping CHROs as Tech Champions

The rapid evolution of technology demands a forward-thinking approach to HR. The Emerging CHROs Programme recognises this, equipping participants with the knowledge to become technology champions within their organisations.

Modules like ‘Strategic HR Leadership in the Digital Age’ explore the impact of digital transformation on HR practices and how to leverage HR technology for better decision-making. Participants learn to implement effective HR technology solutions, streamline HR processes and build a culture of continuous improvement within the HR function. 

By developing these skills, CHROs can leverage technology to create a more efficient, data-driven, and future-proof HR function that contributes to the organisation’s competitive edge.

In addition, participants enroling in this year-long Postgraduate Certificate Programme will be trained in new-age skills to manage a modern workforce, including engaging employees in remote-hybrid environments and navigating evolving legal and ethical considerations in HR.

Reimagining HR Leadership with World-class Learning 

This Emerging CHRO Programme, designed for working professionals, offers live online lectures facilitated by VCNow, real-world case studies and a 3-day campus immersion.

Participants will receive Executive Education Alumni Status and a Certificate of Completion and gain practical insights from the esteemed faculty of IIM Indore, one of the world’s top 100 business schools with the prestigious ‘Triple Crown’ accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. 

Simply put, the CHRO role is no longer one HR professionals can passively transition into. It demands a proactive approach from senior HR professionals who recognise the need to elevate their skills to deliver strategic HR initiatives that align with the evolving business landscape.

This is where the IIM Indore’s Post Graduate Certificate Programme for Emerging Chief Human Resource Officers steps in. It equips participants with the knowledge and skills to not only adapt but thrive amidst disruptions, developing agility and strategic foresight to excel in HR management.

To learn more about the programme and the application process, please visit: https://iimindore.vcnow.in/chro/

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