Italy growth to plummet to 0.2% in ’26 with superbonus-IMF – Business –


Italian growth will plummet to just
0.2% of GDP in 2026 as the National Recovery and Resilience Plan
nears its send and the finance-sapping superbonus home
improvement subsidy deals its final blows to the economy, the
International Monetary Fund said Friday.

This will be after growth will be around 0.7% of GDP in both
2024 and 2025, said Helge Berger, deputy director of the IMF’s
Europe department.

“Growth in Italy will hovers around potential, at 0.7 per cent
in 2024 and 2025, due to investment programmes, with budgetary
policy playing a role, but in 2026 it will collapse to 0.2% with
the superbonus coming to an end, and the NRRP continuing to be
there but not as strongly”, he said.

“The good news is that interventions can make a difference,”
said Berger.




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