Less than 2% of gas imported into Italy today is Russian – Business – Ansa.it


Gas imports from Russia to Italy are
below 2% of the total today, according to data released by Snam
It said 1.19 TWh (billion KWh, ed.) was arriving and only 20.64
million KWh coming from the pass between Tarvisio (Udine) and
Arnoldstein (Austria).

From Mazara del Vallo (Trapani) came 513.13 million KWh of
Algerian gas and from Melendugno (Lecce) 249.9 million KWh of
gas from Azerbaijan.

The regasifier in Cavarzere (Rovigo) received 249.9 million KWh,
the floating one in Piombino 110 and the one in Panigaglia (La
Spezia) 20.48 million KWh.

Italy has 4 other landings for gas, through which nothing has
transited today, to which the floating regasifier in Ravenna
will be added in 2025.

Before its invasion of Ukraine, Russia accounted for the
majority of gas being imported by Italy.




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