Meetings Management 2024


According to American Express Global Business Travel Meetings and Events’ 2024 Global Meetings Forecast, 37 percent of client organizations said their small and simple meetings would see the most growth in attendee numbers in 2024. Amex GBT M&E gathered those projections in July 2023. Now that we’re in the thick of 2024, BTN has found that the trend lines for smaller meetings have emerged even stronger. We asked related questions in our March/April survey, and the majority of responding companies said they have more small meetings than ever and they plan to spend more on those meetings in 2024 than in 2023.

The Topic
Small Meetings, Big Opportunities

The Topline
Close to two-thirds of survey respondents said demand for smaller group travel, whether for internal or external meetings, had increased over 2019 levels.

The Takeaway
Establishing strategies to facilitate that travel type, serve the needs of the group once they are on location and control costs has been a common challenge for travel managers, and it’s crossing over with meetings.

Do you agree with the following statement: Compared with 2019, my organization in the past 18 months experienced an increase in trips associated with small group travel.

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