Middle school students share importance of small business in Lubbock


Sarah Denning, a 6th- and 7th-grade reading teacher at Frenship’s Alcove Trails Middle School, gave her students a special assignment this spring.

Their assignment was to research the importance of local businesses in the Lubbock economy, identify one that interested them and write an article about the business and why it makes an impact in our community. The students reached out to the businesses for quotes and information and conducted online research.

Denning reached out to the Avalanche-Journal in hopes of sharing some of these articles with our readers. Below are five of the 10 articles she selected to share with the Avalanche-Journal. The remaining five will run in next Sunday’s edition, June 2.

Cooks Garage

By Keirlynn Brown

Cars, bands, burgers, fries, roast, chicken, steak, rolls, grilled cheese, and cool signs. That is how you know you are at Cooks Garage.

We all know that it is important to support local businesses. Forbes.com says, “Without small businesses, the American economy and workforce would be a pretty wild landscape to imagine.’’ This shows that without small businesses the world wouldn’t be where it’s at.

Cooks Garage is needed here in Lubbock so people who live here do not have to travel all over the world to see their favorite bands play and there’s other things like car shows. Those do not happen often so when they do people want to go.

The importance of this small business is that the band gets to perform and get money for doing so. The people get to enjoy the band that is performing.

This business is awesome, because it could be a once in a lifetime for some people and it is the only time they get to see their favorite band play.

In conclusion, Cooks Garage is a suitable place to spend your weekend with friends especially if one of your favorite bands is there performing and you get delicious food while watching a band.

Cooks Garage is located at 11002 US-87.

Bella’s Bridal

By Natalie Perez

Do you have a special party or event coming up? You don’t have to go out of town or shop online for the perfect dress. Bella’s, has you covered.

Bella’s Bridal is a locally owned bridal and prom boutique located at 3501 50th St. Lubbock. They are open every day of the week (time here), except for Sundays when they are open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. At Bella’s they care about every person who shops there and want them to feel beautiful. According to the website, ’Our name means beautiful Bella’s.” With dresses priced as low as $99, everyone can find a dress for their budget. Their website says, “Our consultants strive to provide a happy and stress-free shopping experience while helping each bride find the perfect dress which makes them feel and look beautiful on their special day.’’ This shows that they care about the people who shop there and not just getting their money.

And customers notice. Some things that people say are amazing. Like, “I went in yesterday looking for a wedding dress for my wedding on June 3, 2023. This was the first place I went to and with my wedding so close I had high hopes, but realistically didn’t think I’d find anything in time. Let alone a wedding dress I loved that was in my budget too! Reagan was my consultant, and she is amazing at her job! I only tried on a handful of dresses before I found the one. Keep in mind I’m a curvier girl and I’m very picky on how clothes fit on my body, but every dress she brought out was beautiful! She made the experience so fun! She is a phenomenal hype woman! The experience was stress free and I could tell she genuinely cared about making sure I found the perfect dress. I would recommend her to everyone!’’ This shows how they make the shopping experience amazing.

You can get your dream of a dress for a good price at Bella’s without having to go far to get it. When you have your next event, call them and they will help you get an amazing dress that will look spectacular on you!

Rusty’s Bug Stop

By Natalie Ortiz

Imagine you walk into your kitchen in the morning, and you see a herd of ugly bugs. Well this won’t be a problem if you have Rusty’s Bug Stop number saved!

If you have an infestation of bugs, you should call Rusty’s Bug Stop. Why go out of your way to do it yourself when you can have a professional do it instead?

Rusty’s always has your back in this type of situation. They are always open all week except for Saturday and Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They are a locally owned pest control company. They service residential and commercial pest control needs. They also inspect and treat termites. Rusty has been in the pest control industry for 15 years, and they have been in business for 10 years.

This is why you should become a Rusty’s Bug Stop customer. They give good service. Their website is https://rustysbugstop.com/.

All-In-One Construction

By Levi Hernandez

Have you ever seen the dog park at Preston Manor? It has its own water fountain, beautiful grass, and it is always full of happy people playing with their dogs. This is a business’s work named All-In-One construction. The owner of All-In-One construction is named Raul Hernandez.

All-In-One construction has a lot of importance to the Wolfforth community. Some of its importance comes from multiple helping hands to the community in Preston Manor estates. Small businesses like this are important because they help the community out in all sorts of ways. All-In-One Construction can partner with locals, making a collection within the community and supporting other small businesses. All-In-One Construction can participate in affordable housing projects and is aimed at addressing housing needs within the community, providing housing options for families with different backgrounds.

All-In-One Construction is more than just construction. They help with mowing, spraying, housework lettering, building, and building dog parks. that is just some of the reasons that it is good to have him as a small business he also takes very good care of his employees and his customers and others alike. The money that you’re giving him is community friendly, as a member of the community he also shops locally. We asked him in person what do you think about your local business Raul said,” At All-In-One Construction, we’re dedicated to bringing your dreams to life, whether it’s building your dream home, renovating your existing space, or crafting commercial properties that stand out. With our team of skilled professionals and years of experience in the industry, we guarantee excellence in every project we undertake.”

This shows that hiring All-In-One Construction can help community growth by providing jobs to community members, reducing unemployment, and supporting families in the area. By paring with local businesses and others helps to strengthen the local community, creating an effect that benefits other small businesses and people in the area.

In conclusion, All-In-One Construction takes a subtle approach to community involvement. By making local hiring, supporting small businesses, engaging in community services, and promoting sustainability, the company goes beyond your imagination to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the community. This is why you should use this local business. They are located at 2801 County Rd 1700.

Munchies Bakery

By Tori Longo and Kendall Sonnier

A creamy pineapple-upside-down cake, a rich chocolate brownie, these are just some of the many pastries at Munchies Bakery in Lubbock. From bread to desserts, anything from Munchies Bakery will make you drool.

Munchies Bakery allowed her family to have money and prosperity. Her determination led to all the great pastries that we can enjoy and love today.

The sweetness of the pastries is really something else out of this world.

The business started with a woman named Jennifer who is blind and wanted to raise money for her family. She enjoyed baking, so she created six loaves of white bread for the farmer’s market. They sold quickly. In 30 minutes!

Wolfforth’s Farmers Market is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. all year round.

This caused her to make lots of delicious pastries for everyone to enjoy! She made Munchies Bakery. Now you can eat delicious treats! And it would be an amazing bakery to go to and visit and try their food! Munchies is located at 5612 CR 1300.


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