Netherlands’ incoming coalition government reaffirms support for Ukraine


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The incoming Dutch government led by Geert Wilders’ far-right PVV party has reaffirmed support for Ukraine “politically, militarily, financially, and morally against Russian aggression,” it said in a statement on May 16.

The Netherlands held an election in November 2023, which saw the PVV emerge as the largest force in parliament with 37 seats.

Not enough to take power alone, weeks of negotiations were finally resolved this week with the announcement of an uneasy four-party coalition described as a “business government” arrangement.

The four parties – PVV, the center-right VVD and NSC, and the agrarian and right-populist BBB – released a statement on May 16 setting out the coalition government’s policy on a range of issues, including foreign policy and Ukraine.

“Political and military cooperation with NATO is paramount for our international security,” the statement reads.

“The Netherlands continues to support Ukraine politically, militarily, financially, and morally against Russian aggression.

“The Netherlands continues to participate in increasing NATO capacity on the territory of NATO member states and in international missions.”

The country’s next prime minister is yet to be confirmed but it will not be Wilders.

Under the outgoing prime minister, Mark Rutte, the Netherlands has been a staunch ally of Ukraine and one of the few partners to pledge F-16 fighter jets.

While denouncing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the PVV voiced opposition to sending financial support and fighter jets to Kyiv in the past, preferring them to be used for domestic needs.

Wilders himself has said he is against the Netherlands signing a 10-year agreement on security cooperation with Ukraine and railed against Ukrainian refugees, saying on Feb. 19 that they are coming to the Netherlands for “free housing, free healthcare, and our jobs.”

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