Onya Tinglin explores her way to a new travel business

Familiar with the concept of locals visiting the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, Onya Tinglin decided to set her sights on exploring other cultures in her late 20s. The intrigue of this new discovery resulted in the birth of her new travel business, Saskia Skyers Adventures.

“Many Jamaicans believe their passports are limited and they can’t travel without a visa. After travelling to destinations like Panama, Barbados, and The Bahamas, people frequently inquired about the process and costs involved, I saw an opportunity. This led me to initially offer group trips to these visa-free destinations,” Tinglin told Saturday Living.

Eventually, she expanded her reach to provide custom itineraries and trip planning services for destinations outside of the Caribbean.

Saskia Skyers Adventures was officially launched in June of 2020, with a vision to organise local and international group trips, facilitate bookings for local hotels and resorts and supply custom international trip planning services, while offering assistance with visa applications.

“The motivation behind choosing my company name stemmed from my desire for a name that would stand out in the industry. It’s actually derived from my middle names. I wanted to ensure uniqueness and avoid potential issues in the future where someone else might have the same name or a similar nature of business.”

Her entrepreneurial journey has been a blend of challenges and rewards. “It’s essential for me to provide a range of local, regional, and international travel packages to cater to diverse preferences and budgets. It has been difficult at times, but incredibly fulfilling,” she said.

While someone else is in charge when it comes to a regular nine-to-five, owning a business means that responsibility rests solely on the shoulders of one person and he or she usually determines the outcome of the business.

“Entrepreneurship requires constant self-motivation and the willingness to push boundaries. To succeed, you must continually brainstorm new ideas to propel yourself and your business forward. Good customer service, effective time management, and sound financial practices are essential aspects of this journey,” she shared.

As a globetrotting queen, Tinglin revealed that among favourite places to visit so far is Colombia, where she found solace in the similarity of the culture and the people, to that of the island, “Additionally, I have cherished the experience of riding in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey. It was truly magical and felt like something out of a fairytale.”

In her adventures, she has come face to face with travel delays, flight changes, and illness. To overcome them, she stays flexible, keeping herself informed about flight updates, and contacting airlines for alternative options, “When sick, I prioritise health, carry a medical kit, and have travel insurance for emergencies. Overall, staying positive, prepared, and adaptable helps navigate challenges and enjoy enriching travel experiences.”


Her top five travel essentials include: travel insurance for financial protection, E-Sim or data for staying connected, a universal charger for diverse electrical outlets, packing cubes for organisation, and charcoal pills for digestive health while travelling.

“I love that travel presents the opportunity to meet people from diverse cultures, immerse myself in their cuisine and music, and explore new environments,” she added.

Currently, Tinglin is offering a visa-free package to Punta Cana, Panama, and Colombia, Mexico, inclusive of flights, hotel stays, airport transfers, and baggage.

“By offering these options, I aim to encourage exploration and discovery, allowing travellers to experience different cultures, landscapes, and adventures,” she highlighted.

She hopes to one day expand her business into other Caribbean territories, have a physical office for customers to visit and a fully functional website up and running.

On a personal note, Tinglin plans to travel to Dubai and explore the diverse continent of Africa. Both adventures, she said, hold a wealth of cultural richness, stunning landscapes, and unique experiences that she is eager to discover and immerse herself in.

Her advice to aspiring travel enthusiasts is to begin with where you know and spread your wings from there.

“Start by exploring places within your means and comfort zone, gradually expanding to more diverse and adventurous destinations as you gain confidence and experience. By starting small and building upon your travel experiences over time, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of what you enjoy and what you’re comfortable with, allowing you to embark on more fulfilling and enriching journeys in the future.”


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