PARTLY FACETIOUS: Countrywide tree-plantation is a must


“We are resilient.” “Indeed, with record high temperatures in the country….” “Well, it’s damned if the government does and damned if it doesn’t.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Tree planting is associated with the programmes of The Man Who Must Remain Faceless….hear ye hear ye….”

“What’s with your, hear ye hear ye. Is it a warning to those who may dare to enable a real time picture on the media – social or mainstream.”

“Good heavens no, all I wanted to suggest was that if they take ownership of a good programme, and a country wide tree plantation drive is a good one, it would only benefit the stakeholders politically…”

“I have it on good authority that Notification Maryam Nawaz (NMN) has given strict instructions to her media team: no photoshoot outside an air-conditioned room.”

“So I guess there is no planned visit to the tandoors?”

“Heat leads to streaming of make-up. Besides, daddy wants the presidency of the party back, a rather silly objective given he will still not be able to displace his brother…”

“Displace his brother! I would rather he displaces his Greedy for Portfolio Samdhi (GPS) and requests him to keep him company!”

“I hear he is thinking of giving him another portfolio – the chairmanship of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).”

“Oh, you are going into dangerous territory now.”

“Me or daddy or GPS?”

“There is no one out there who will negotiate on your behalf, the other two have negotiators.”

“Speaking of the Chairman of the PCB, he held a press conference over the weekend and said that the government had asked the Afghan government to hand over the perpetrators of the attack on the Chinese engineers to us, and they have not responded yet.”

“OK so that’s not a victory but here are some successes you know.”

“The cricket team lost to England. My request to the Honourable gentleman is to open D Chowk – there are a handful of protestors at the chowk, protesting against Israeli atrocities in Gaza and while I fully support them the entire traffic is being hostage to the decision to keep the chowk gates shut for now more than two weeks I think.”

“The gates that were installed during the tenure of The Rana. Anyway, when I said we are resilient I meant the Palestinians are resilient against the ongoing massacre…”

“I am not sure if you can call it resilience, more like no other option; it is Hamas that is resilient because the most powerful army in the region, an army that has the most sophisticated weaponry available, and stops at nothing in spite of world condemnation has still to eliminate Hamas nearly eight months after.”

“Right, and we living in the land of the pure are resilient to two hatted gentlemen who don’t know you need to take off one hat before you don the other.”

“Your dislike is showing, and as a wise man once said it’s OK if someone dislikes you, not everyone has good taste.”

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