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Creative Commons License photo credit: BodsSo, you decide to take the wife out to a retreat to an exotic bed and breakfast for a weekend of relaxation. You are asleep when suddenly a fire erupts and you are evacuated, thankfully safely. But all of your belongings were engulfed in flames. Don’t worry though; it was covered because the owner of the establishment had pub insurance, a specialized policy that covers any establishment, such as a winery, golf course clubhouse, pubs, and any type of house that is solely used as a business. Had the owner not taken out that policy, the out of pocket expenses, and your losses as a guest would have been devastating.

As stated, anyone who operates an establishment that entails using your house as a means of business, whether it is an antique shop, brew house, cyber cafe, etc. would be a direct benefit of holding a policy of this nature. Whether your employees are serving a crowd of violent inebriated people, or even serving a food order and fall down a set of stairs, your employees would definitely feel more secure if you had a public house insurance policy in place to cover such atrocities that can happen at any given moment. With added benefits including loss of alcohol license protection, a money cover, a glass cover, personal assault protection and business interruption, public house insurance is a logical choice for any house establishment.

The main things to watch out for are making sure the insurance broker covers all facets of this insurance. If unsure where to start, find an online price comparison tool so that you can feel confident you are getting the best policy and best coverage for your money. Make sure that you are dealing with only an experienced public house insurance provider instead of finding a freelancer. When dealing with many things that could break, get destroyed or be at risk for injury, you need to read ALL components of the policy before signing to make sure that nothing is misprinted or, even worse, missing from the policy.

Ask the insurer to make sure provisions are made for income replacement and inventory reimbursements. Make sure you are told your right to cancel policy terms so that you don’t incur a fee for attempting to cancel outside of the insurance policy parameters. Taking these simple precautions will ensure that you are getting covered for what you need to protect your public house and yourself, but that you are not paying for coverage that you will never need.

You are entitled and, more importantly, morally obligated to protect your public house business and its employees and customers by taking out a public house insurance policy to protect against thefts, injury and damage that can happen in the everyday world of business. Many options exist in the UK for you to obtain this type of insurance, many with a lot of benefits and discounts.

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