Rejlers Unit Wins Processing Contract for Kustkaj 2.0 Project in Sweden

Rejlers publ AB, formerly Rejlerkoncernen AB, is a Sweden-based holding company engaged in the provision of engineering consultancy services. The Company offers its consultancy within three areas: Infrastructure, Industry, Energy, and Construction and property. To these customer groups, the Company offers engineering consultancy services within the fields of electrical engineering, energy, mechanical engineering, automation, electronics, Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications. Additionally, in Finland, the Company also offers consultancy services within environmental technology, architecture and heating, as well as ventilation and sanitation. Rejlerkoncernen AB is active in the Nordic region, through a number of offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Russian Federation and Estonia. Its subsidiaries include Railconsult AS, Grundvattenteknik AB (GVT), Sonika AB and Energy Business Sweden AB, and Embriq AS, among others.

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