Scottish Lib Dems pledge to fix Scotland’s ‘dental deserts’


Meanwhile, the SNP leader John Swinney will call on voters to “kick the Scottish Conservatives out” of every seat in the country.

The first minister will use a visit to Dumfries and Galloway, where Scottish secretary Alister Jack is the outgoing MP, to highlight the cost of living crisis and austerity, which he says have been inflicted on Scotland from Westminster.

He said: “In every seat the Tories currently hold, the SNP is the challenger and the only party who can defeat them.

“The Tories have shown nothing but disrespect and contempt for Scotland. They deserve nothing less than to be electorally wiped out.”

Scottish Conservatives leader Douglas Ross will be campaigning in Falkirk, the seat held by Michael Matheson, ahead of his plans to bring forward a vote on demanding the former health secretary resign over the scandal surrounding his iPad data roaming bill.

Holyrood’s standards committee recommended Mr Matheson should be barred from the chamber for 27 days and docked 54 days’ worth of his MSP salary.

Mr Ross said: “In any other line of work, Michael Matheson would lose his job. MSPs cannot put themselves on a higher pedestal than others.

“We must be held to the same standards.”


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