Small Business Spotlight: Rooted Farmers Market in Coarsegold


COARSEGOLD, Calif. (KFSN) — If you live in or plan to visit the Coarsegold area, Rooted Farmers Market Collective is a new shop to check out.

“People have been so excited, they keep saying, ‘oh, we needed this and we are so excited that you are here and we needed this.’ We have customers that keep coming back which is really encouraging,” Rooted founder Rose Morgan said.

Morgan opened Rooted Farmers Market Collective on March 1. She wanted to create a space for her small business, Crooked Olive, and to support locals with their own unique passions.

The business is uniquely set up in a house built in the 1950s.

Inside, you’ll find over 20 sections of different products, including clay earrings, soy wax candles, hand drawn artwork, and fresh produce grown just a few miles down the road.

A family-owned and operated collective is flourishing in Coarsegold with the mission of building a stronger community.

“I really wanted to create a place where local farmers had an outlet to share their abundance with the community,” Morgan said.

Those with a spot earn 100% profit on their sales and only pay a fee for being there.

Morgan says it’s the perfect way for small business owners to work together.

Jake Wheeler lives in the area and says he and his wife have become regular customers.

“There is a lot of neat stuff around here, it’s a good spot to get that things that would you have to go to a farmers market or stories and here it’s a collective. It’s been a good,” Wheeler said.

Morgan says the entire experience has been a blessing, and she’s excited to continue growing while always staying true to her “roots.”

“We are doing also some art classes so just encouraging the community to come together and really support each other,” Morgan said.

If you’d like to learn more about the business, click here.

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