Stroud business owner celebrates 10 years at shop

Fourteen – based in Kendrick Street – is a gift shop with unique items. 

Denise said: “The last 10 years at Fourteen, nicknamed ‘The Sweary card Shop’ have been a blast!

“My customers share my sense of humour and it’s refreshing amongst all the doom and gloom that’s constantly advertised.

“Over the last 10 years the greetings Card industry has evolved and pretty much anything goes, if you are brave enough to stock it, which of course I am….someone has to right?

“My plans for the future are to stick around for as long as the good people of Stroud want me and I’m hoping trade will pick up, but regular customers remain supportive and the constant online moaning that Stroud is a ghost town with no decent shops is very untrue!   

““The High street is quiet in general!  

“Many businesses, including myself have experienced rent increases and everything generally has gone up, so if there was a time to support your local independents, its definitely now, just one purchase however big or small really helps at the end of the day!

“Stroud as a town to operate in has a great sense of community.

“I have made so many friends, so many of my customers have now become such good friends, the shop is a great place to browse as its so chilled!  

“It’s now free to park after 2pm in certain car parks so thats a great help, although free parking full stop would be the dream, as I’m sure that would encourage shoppers into the town.

“Here at Fourteen, we pride ourselves in supporting over 100  independent British card and gift companies! 95% of our cards are made and printed in the UK from small businesses.

To my wonderful customers, it’s been and continues to be an absolute Discoball, I love hearing your laughter, the chats, the singing, the dancing, the dogs…so please keep on coming and if you haven’t yet had the Fourteen experience you are most definitely missing out…

“Unless of course you are of a very delicate disposition or have a questionable sense of humour, then for your safety it may be best to send a friend in your place!

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