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For those drivers who find themselves only needing a taxi for a month or so it can be difficult to find a way of protecting themselves without paying out an arm and a leg. Maybe it’s a trial period and the cab driver isn’t sure whether it will become a long term venture or maybe it’s a specific contract period. Monthly taxi insurance is a type of policy that has been created for this very purpose. Now cab drivers everywhere can make sure that they are fully protected for the exact amount of time they need, and this flexibility is welcomed.

Where Can it be Found?
The great thing about temporary taxi insurance is that you can find it anywhere. All you have to do is approach your usual insurance broker and they will guide you to the relevant location where you can get your required taxi insurance. But this isn’t the only way to do things.
Sometimes you need insurance now and it can’t wait. For these people, insurance can now be bought online. When it comes to monthly taxi insurance, it can be simply bought on the website of an insurance broker. You can pay for the insurance by using a credit/debit card and you’re covered instantly.

What Does it Cover?
The only difference between temporary taxi insurance and conventional taxi insurance is how long it lasts for. The fact is that temporary insurance will give you just as much protection as conventional insurance, so you know that you, your car, and the people in your car will be fully protected at all times.

Who Can Get It?
Most insurance companies are wary about giving out temporary insurance to people over 75 or under the age of 21. This is why it’s difficult for young and old drivers to find temporary insurance as few insurance companies are willing to take the risk of providing temporary insurance for these age groups.
Temporary insurance also has additional restrictions. If a driver has a certain number of points (usually 6) on their driving license then they are instantly excluded from taking out temporary insurance; additional things that can instantly exclude you from taking out temporary insurance includes things like driving disqualifications.

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