The Essential Guide to Keeping Employees Safe at Work

Employees in all industries could potentially injure themselves at work. That’s why employers insurance liability cover is compulsory and have to be taken out. These policies do protect the employer against any potential legal claims, but it’s still better to prevent a claim in the first place. Here’s how to help protect employees in any industry.

Health and Safety Introduction

All employees should be taken through a health and safety introduction upon starting any job. Information within these introductions should include things like where corrosive and flammable chemicals are kept, where essential equipment is kept, how to lift heavy items, and where the fire escapes are situated. This should last no longer than 20 minutes and should go a long way to preventing any legal cases later on.

Keep Routes Clear

One of the ways employees sustain injuries is through tripping over items that have been carefully left out in the open. These can include boxes that have been left at the top of the stairs, poorly situated equipment, and general carelessness. Don’t just ask employees nicely to keep the ways clear of obstacles because they just won’t. Create designated areas for items where they can be placed. Better results are usually provided by placing equipment in specific locations.

Danger Areas Locked

There have been instances where dangerous areas have been accessed by employees. One of the most common areas is roofs where employees may go out to when they have a break. That’s fine as long as there are sufficient safety measures in place, but if there isn’t then it needs to be locked down. Only caretakers and managers should have access to these areas, so restrict access if there’s a possibility of any danger.


It’s important to bear in mind that at some point employers insurance liability cover will come into play as it’s impossible to completely eliminate the chance of something going wrong. That’s why it’s important to have sufficient levels of cover because if this isn’t the case then a legal case could potentially wipe out the entire yearly profits of a business.

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