The Importance of Courier Insurance

If you’re a courier, whether you work by yourself or in a team of people, it is essential that you have insurance to cover your back. The business of moving other people’s packages from one place to another can be quite devastating if it were to go wrong. If a client’s goods are lost or stolen, you’re the one responsible, so you will have to cover the costs of whatever that might be- and it might be something that you can’t afford. Insurance can cover you, your vehicle and the goods you’re carrying against loss, theft or fire damage, and may even provide you with a courtesy vehicle so you’re not left unable to work.

Types of Insurance

There are two main types of insurance, third party, fire and theft, and comprehensive. Third party, fire and theft is the minimal level of cover, and usually insures your vehicle, but not its contents in the event of fire or theft. In the event of an accident, damage done to the other vehicle will be covered, but your own will not. This could be quite an expensive insurance policy to opt for, especially if you’re couriering expensive packages.

Comprehensive insurance offers far more than the basic, though it may be more expensive. It covers the goods that you are carrying and cover for your vehicle too. You will however, have to check over your own individual policy for the details and exclusions.

How to Save Money on Your Courier Insurance 

Just like regular car insurance, you can reduce your premiums by the way you drive. Being a good driver and avoiding accidents mean that you may get a no claims’ discount on your new cover.

Where you park and whether you have extra security measures can have an effect on how much your insurance costs, but because you are a courier, you will be on the road almost constantly, which will push your risk and your premiums up regardless.

Where You Can Find Courier Insurance

Good courier insurance can be hard to find, as there are a limited number of companies that offer it. With this being the case, it can often be reassuring to speak to someone directly in order to discuss your specific requirements and ensure the cover is tailored to suit you. Companies such as Sky Insurance are happy to discuss cover options on an individual basis. You can find all their contact details at