The Midnight Romance in Hagwon Episode 5 Recap & Spoilers: Wi Ha-Joon & Jung Ryeo-Won Witness Their First Success


Popular K-drama The Midnight Romance in Hagwon aired a brand new episode 5 on Saturday, May 25, 2024, at 9:20 p.m. KST on tvN. Viewers can also stream the episode on Viki. It marked instructors Seo Hye-Jin and Lee Joon-Ho’s first success after their joint free lecture earned them a new high-school classroom. Meanwhile, Hye-Jin also received an offer from rival academy director Choi Hyeong-Seon. It will be interesting to see if she stays back at her current academy or joins the rival one.

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon follows the journey of two individuals. Popular instructor Seo Hye-Jin (Jung Ryeo-Won) reunites with her former student-turned-instructor Lee Joon-Ho (Wi Ha-Joon) at Daechi Chase Academy. Meanwhile, the latter leaves a high-paying job to become an instructor and pursue his first love, Hye-Jin. Although she remains hesitant initially, Hye-Jin grows fonder of Joon-Ho.

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon Episode 5: Wi Ha-Joon discovers about Jung Ryeo-Won’s job offer

The latest episode (5) of The Midnight Romance in Hagwon began with Seo Hye-Jin and Lee Joon-Ho reflecting on their recent Teacher-Pupil Tag Team project failure. Their joint lecture only yielded one Heewon High School student, Lee Shi-Woo. The following day, Choi Hyeong-Seon held a briefing with Changyeong High School parents to get the school’s students admitted to her academy, Choiseon Korean.

Choi Hyeong-Seon tried to manipulate the parents by mocking Hye-Jin’s teaching style. Meanwhile, at Daechi Chase, director Kim Hyun-Tak asked Hye-Jin to take a break and join the task force for another branch opening. Assistant director Woo Seung-Hee asked Nam Cheong-Mi and Joon-Ho to share the Changyeong High School students. Hye-Jin realized that the academy was trying to play games after the recent joint lecture failure.

The next day, a few school teachers asked colleague Pyo Sang-Seob to reconsider making the exams textbook-based. He assured them of coming up with a solution. Meanwhile, back at Daechi Chase, Hye-Jin trained Cheong-Mi and Joon-Ho for their classes when they discussed how the academy acted against Hye-Jin. On the other hand, Hyeong-Seon met with student Shi-Woo, trying to persuade him to stay at Choiseon and not join Daechi Chase.

After attending Hye-Jin and Joon-Ho’s joint lecture, Shi-Woo was interested in learning more about Korean literature. Soon, Hye-Jin received a call from Hyeong-Seon, asking for a meeting. The two met at Choiseon Korean, where the latter offered Hye-Jin a lucrative job. Hyeong-Seon wanted to make Hye-Jin the assistant director at the academy if she would join and bring Changyeong High students. Hye-Jin realized this was because Shi-Woo decided to switch academies and asked for more time to think. 

At night, Hye-Jin met with Joon-Ho to inform him of what had happened. Joon-Ho asked if she felt excited by the job offer. Later, Hye-Jin confessed that although she didn’t like the offer, she felt she deserved it. The following morning, Hye-Jin received a contract from Hyeong-Seon. She met her lawyer friend, asking the latter to review the contract. Hye-Jin struggled to make a decision. She expressed feeling a difference between her current and past self.

Hye-Jin revealed that her old self would have jumped at the opportunity. But something changed in her after the joint lecture. Later, Joon-Ho asked her to meet at a park. He asked Hye-Jin to stay at Daechi Chase for a year before deciding. He promised to give her his students while seeking training from her.

After they reached the academy, Heewon High School student Lee Shi-Woo visited them. Director Hyun-Tak and the academy employees were excited about adding another high-profile school to their list. Hye-Jin asked Joon-Ho to counsel his first-ever student. Both Shi-Woo and Joon-Ho had a lengthy discussion, during which the latter managed to convince the student to switch to Daechi Chase.

The episode ended with Joon-Ho informing everyone that Shi-Woo had joined the academy with other Heewon High School students. They congratulated both Joon-Ho and Hye-Jin. Although their joint lecture only saw Shi-Woo, they still managed to bring an entire class of students to the academy. 

To see what happens next, remember to watch The Midnight Romance in Hagwon on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at 9:20 p.m. KST on tvN and later on Viki.


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