The OneXPlayer X1 Mini is the most feature-packed handheld gaming PC yet


You won’t forget where the WASD keys are, that’s for sure.
Image: OneXPlayer

And, importantly, it’s got a AMD 8840U processor instead of a Intel Core Ultra chip.

Not completely toolless — there’s still one screw.
Image: OneXPlayer

See, the OneXPlayer X1 Mini is a smaller 8.8-inch version of the 10.95-inch OneXPlayer X1 put on sale earlier this year — and that one shipped with the same Intel Core Ultra chip that recently underwhelmed us in the MSI Claw. OneXPlayer has already dramatically cut the price of the larger Intel-powered handheld, and has just announced an AMD 8840U powered version of it as well.

Top: OnePlayer X1 Mini. Bottom: OnePlayer X1
Images: OneXPlayer

But if I had to pick between 10.95-inch or 8.8-inch versions, sight unseen, with the same size 65Wh battery (yes they’re the same size) I’d probably choose portability. Unless the 8.8-inch keyboard is really cramped or something.


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