The Primevals VOD Release Date Confirmed for Long-Awaited Stop-Motion Monster Movie


The very long-awaited stop-motion monster movie The Primevals is coming home decades after its creator began making it. Finally, The Primevals VOD release date draws near.

The Primevals VOD release date brings troubled passion project home

The Primevals will make its home exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and the Full Moon Features streaming service from May 31, 2024. A special edition Blu-ray release from Full Moon will also be available from July.

Deep in the Himalayas, a group of Sherpas subdue and kill a towering humanoid creature. Its remains — including a brain that appears to have undergone some kind of surgery — wind up under the supervision of Dr. Claire Collier (Juliet Mills), who believes it to be one of the legendary Yeti. Joined by her former student Matt Connor (Richard Joseph Paul), a longtime believer in the creatures’ existence, big-game hunter Rondo Montana (Leon Russom), and others, Dr. Collier leads an expedition into the mountains to track down more of the abominable snowmen. Their trek results in an encounter with a tribe of primitive hominids — which in turn leads to the far more frightening discovery of beings they never could have expected or imagined.

So why is it long-awaited you ask? Initially, animation legend David W. Allen (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Willow, Puppet Master) worked on the film for decades as a passion project. He completed the live-action photography in 1994 through Full Moon. The film was intended to be the company’s largest production, with a long post-production plan intended to complete the hundreds of stop-motion effects shots. Unfortunately, Allen passed away in 1999 after being diagnosed with cancer. So this left the film unfinished until Full Moon picked it up again in 2018 to apply those finishing touches.


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