UGolf partners with Dutch golf course operator

UGolf International – the global branch of UGolf, Europe’s largest golf course management company – has continued its expansion after partnering with BurgGolf, the biggest golf operator in the Netherlands.

The new collaboration will see the two companies team up and work together on future projects to further enhance the golf experience that they offer to their members.

BurgGolf operates six courses throughout the Netherlands while UGolf is the world’s fifth largest golf club management company, currently managing 115 venues in nine countries across three continents, primarily in France where the group looks after 100 courses.

Under the terms of the agreement, UGolf International will work closely with the BurgGolf team on its future plans, providing expert advice on member programmes as well as helping with the creation of a network of junior academies, clinics and classes to help grow the game.

In addition, UGolf International will assist in the in-house training of the Dutch company’s staff while members of BurgGolf will be able to play any of UGolf’s foreign courses and take part in international golf trips organised by the French-based group.

Nathanaël Pietrzak-Swirc, chief executive officer of UGOLF International, said: “There are around 415,000 people that play golf in the Netherlands. After football, tennis and fishing, it is the fourth biggest sport in the country but there is a great opportunity to make it even more popular and introduce it to a new audience. We share BurgGolf’s goal to make the sport more attractive, both to young people and older people, and are excited to be working together in this new collaboration.”

Wolter Pelt, managing director of BurgGolf, said: “The operation of golf courses in the Netherlands is still fairly traditional and, on the whole, it is difficult to professionalise. We’re very pleased to be currently managing six courses but we want to become bigger, and we are delighted to be able to make use of UGolf’s knowledge and experience to help us make the next step.”

Launched this summer, UGolf International is responsible for helping to drive UGolf’s growth in markets outside of France, introducing new players and driving lasting success for golf club businesses.

UGolf’s golf club operations in Spain, Germany, Egypt, Rwanda, Madagascar, French Polynesia and New Caledonia all come under the UGolf International umbrella with a view to a rapid global expansion of the business.

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