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Unicredit on Wednesday announced the
third edition of its ‘UniCredit for Italy’ plan providing 10
billion euro in loans to support business growth, with a focus
on micro enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and the
non-profit sector.

Speaking from New York, CEO Andrea Orcel said the new package
aims to support investments, working capital and liquidity, and
may include subsidised loans.

Forty per cent of the available resources are earmarked for
southern Italian regions.

“The role of businesses is fundamental for our country,” said

“They have shown extraordinary resilience and adaptability in a
context of high rates, inflation and geopolitical tensions,” he

“In 2023, Italy recorded higher-than-expected growth, with
stronger confidence in the national entrepreneurial system.

Business fundamentals remain solid, the outlook is reassuring,
and foreign demand for the current year is seen to be
improving,” added Orcel.

“Our role is to support clients and the community through our
instruments. We provide support to companies, especially smaller
ones, to accelerate their growth path,” continued the CEO,
adding that the new plan “matches and complements the new
programme of state guarantees for small and medium-sized
enterprises, the country’s scheme”.

On Monday Unicredit posted a record net profit of 8.6 billion
euro in 2023, up more than 50% over the previous year and 700
million euros more than forecasted by analysts.




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