Veolia launches its 2024 – 2027 Strategic Program


Water Technologies & New Solutions 

A central pillar of Veolia’s activities, the water business has guided the Group for 170 years, positioning Veolia as a leader in this sector.The Group intends to maintain its operational excellence while offering technological innovations to its customers, moving from water distribution to water science.

Veolia’s solutions
Veolia aims to become the water services provider of the future by focusing on the efficiency of its solutions, and using cutting-edge technologies that include the reuse of treated wastewater, the treatment of water and pollutants, such as PFAS or micro plastics, and the production of drinking water.

With a unique portfolio of clean solutions and technologies, and 18 billion euros in sales in this sector, Veolia is aiming for +50% growth in sales linked to these new solutions and technologies by 2030, for both industry and cities.


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