Watch United’s All-New ‘Safety in Motion’ Video – Business Traveler USA


United Airlines has unveiled its latest safety video titled “Safety in Motion,” which features the participation of 17 United employees demonstrating in-flight safety procedures.

This visually captivating video, just under five minutes in duration, was shot within an aircraft-inspired sequential reaction machine and is brimming with ingenuity.

The video commences with a warm greeting from a United employee who sets a ball in motion within a ‘Rube Goldberg’ machine, a series of intricately designed contraptions where each action of the ball triggers the next.

As the ball navigates through various scenes, it gracefully interacts with different United employees who provide safety guidance. This includes flight attendants, customer service agents, operations workers, rampers, and reservations employees.

The entire video is accompanied by United’s iconic track, “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin, adding a delightful auditory dimension to the creative visual spectacle.

Director Karim Zariffa, referring to the precise nature of controlling and capturing the ball’s movements, said, “Right now, nobody in this building wants to ever do a Rube Goldberg again.”

The video addresses the challenge of passengers being distracted during safety briefings. With its visually striking and impressive coordination, United hopes that the effort put into creating the video will pay off.

Maggie Schmerin, United’s Chief Advertising Officer, stated, “The safest safety video is one that passengers actively watch. Our creative concept was inspired by the idea of connection and the many moments of any given day that our employee work groups have to connect to be able to get thousands of flights off the ground and to their destinations safely.”

The development of “Safety in Motion” began in June 2023, and it will debut on select aircraft from May 25th before being rolled out nationwide over the summer.

Sasha Johnson, Vice President of Corporate Safety for United, emphasized the importance of safety, stating, “Safety is the foundation of everything we do at United. Safety starts with being prepared. We have ongoing, rigorous safety training for our crews. And we also make sure our customers know what to do in the event of an emergency. We are proud that our new safety video empowers passengers by giving them information and clear instructions.”


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